Integrate directional FSC into output for refinement and non uniform refinement? [Feature request]


Currently, it is possible to run a 3D-FSC job after refinement, but it is a bit fiddly (e.g. it will not take a mask directly from a refinement job), and it requires a certain level of expertise to know that you should run it.

Would it be possible to add a simplified directional FSC to the output of the final iteration of refinement jobs (i.e. homogeneous, heterogeneous and non uniform)? I am thinking just a plot with three FSCs, calculated in cones along the x/y/z axes.

This would be very useful to get an “at a glance” idea of whether your structure has anisotropic resolution, which would be very useful feedback for all users. It would also be very useful to monitor the progress of classification (and to quickly identify cases where ab initio separates per view, which still happens on occasion).


Is there a HOWTO on the ThreeDFSC function?


3D FSC still doesn’t seem to work properly in 2.5 - e.g. if I import a mask that has been created by another job (and re-import it as a mask using the “Import Volumes” tool), it cannot be dragged onto the mask input of ThreeDFSC. This seems broken, or am I missing something obvious?


Hi @olibclarke,

Thanks for pointing this out - there is something wrong with the current mask input.
It would also be good to compute 3DFSC in refinement, we will consider this!


Hi Ali, the same issues with 3D-FSC persist in 2.9 - currently I am using the Salk server, but it would be great if this was integrated into cryoSPARC!


Basically the issue seems to be that the mask slot will only accept a volume as input, not a mask. Masks cannot be dragged to the mask input for 3D-FSC, whereas volumes can.


still waiting on any progress on this front. 3D FSC would be handy in cryosparc… thanks in advance.

Mask input in 3DFSC is fixed - will be deployed in the next release

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I just ran into the same problem. I have version 2.11.0

This is done in v2.13.

would someone mind explaining how to interpret the output from 3dfsc? I keep trying to run the script but not working.

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