Inspect picks - Range parameter must be finite

I’m getting this error “range parameter must be finite” for an inspect picks job. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the inputs.

Hi @DanielAsarnow, in this case what was the source of particle picks? was it template picking, or topaz or the new deep inference jobs? How many particles?

Sorry, the input was a template picking job with about 1.2E6 particles and 1200 cryo images. The images were imported and had CTFs estimated with Patch CTF. I tried curating the exposures to get rid of anything “weird” but I didn’t see anything. Just getting rid of the thick ice and poor CTF images didn’t solve the problem.

I extracted the particles without inspecting, and 2D classification proceeded normally.

I got the same error after a topaz picking job. roughly 1.8M particles on 4300 mrcs