Inspect Picks functionality

Dear colleagues,

Could you please add the possibility for manual adding // removing the particles?

For removing it would be nice to have something fast as area eraser.

Thanks in advance

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This functionality may already be available in Manual Picker, which allows inputs of existing particles.

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Dear @wtempel,

Correct me if I am wrong, but the adding/removing button is only present in Interactive Job: Manual Picker.
What I meant is

  1. run the auto-picking (template, topaz, deep learning etc.)
  2. After the auto-picking process, be able to manually add // remove the good//bad particles going through the dataset manually. Namely, adding the picking // removing tool that you already have for Interactive Job: Manual Picker (arrow + and arrow minus)

Both Interactive Jobs: Inspect Particle Picks & Curation exposures can work fine for this aim.

Thank you.

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Please try if the Manual Picker can do this for you already after you connect

  • Micrographs
  • auto-picked Particles

Dear @wtempel and @mmclean great job! everything works as you described.

Just one addition - how to specify/change the radius of the erasing arrow?
I noticed that when 2 particles, good and bad are too close to each other - both are removed.
Can you make the -arrow as a circle and make this erasing arrow circle radius easy changeable?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi @Dmitry ,

Thank you for the suggestion. We have made a note of it and will work to improve this in a future release.

- Suhail

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Dear Suhail @sdawood,

One more suggestion towards the CS improvement in picking -
it would be great to add the manual helix picking tool on top of single particles one (the picking + and - arrows).
Similar to the one relion has (A microtubule RELION-based pipeline for cryo-EM image processing | bioRxiv)

For some of the projects it will be very beneficial.

Kind regards,

Thanks @Dmitry, we’ve noted the request and hope to include a “straight filament” mode in manual picker at some point :slight_smile:


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