Inspect picks fails after remove duplicates


Inspect picks fails with the attached error when initialized with particles generated by remove duplicates (e.g. to reverse symmetry expansion).

Inspect picks runs without error when started with the input to remove duplicates (a symmetry expanded particle set).

Perhaps relevant - Manual picker accepts the output of remove duplicates without issue - so maybe an issue with pick stats?

Hey @olibclarke

Thanks for reporting. Is it possible if you can copy+paste the Event log of your Remove Duplicates job?

Is it possible that none of your micrographs have more than 5 picks each?
Also, you can try turning off the “Calibration” parameters to get around this in the meantime.
Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 12.21.42 PM

Can confirm (1) less than 5 particles per mic and (2) it works when disabling the calibration params - thanks @stephan!


Thanks for the update @olibclarke, we’ll look into making the UX around this better.