Inspect Particle Picks: Suggestions and Feature Requests

Hello cryoSPARC users!

We are in the process of revamping the inspect particle picks job. Along with existing posts describing bugs or feature requests, I thought I would make this thread to keep everyone’s suggestions in one place.

Feedback is welcome - please let us know what works and what can be improved! :slight_smile:


Hi Suhail,

I’d like the option to run Inspect Picks in a non-interactive mode.

I would suggest having input fields for min and max NCC and Power, which if unset (default) trigger the program to run interactively, and if set just select picks according to these thresholds.

This would be useful in cases where I already know what thresholds to use - e.g. I have run a quick, exploratory picking job on a subset of data, I know the appropriate thresholds to use, and I can now set up a pipeline to run overnight that will pick, extract, and run 2D classification, for example.


It would be nice to be able to use the down arrow (or another shortcut) to go through the micrographs here and in curate exposures rather than having to individually click through.

Hi Olibclarke,
Do you have any suggestions on NCC and Power thresholds during inspect particles? Thank you very much!