Inspect particle picks GUI is not displaying all of my particles


I have a couple of individual 2D classes that I wanted to plot back onto the original micrographs to see where they land. I have been trying to do this using ‘inspect particle picks.’
As an example, in one selected class I have 658 particles and when I put this on the inspect particle picks GUI, even though the bottom part says: “picked 658 particles” I am having these issues:

  1. I am not able to see all my micrographs (I have already played around with “number of mics to plot” and “plot frequency” and these do not make any difference)
  2. The number of particles shown in the interface does not add up to 658 (I am maybe seeing about 60 of them) and they are also consequently not visible on the micrographs.

Is this a bug in the inspect particles job? This issue is reproducible across all my 2D classes. I have been having the same issue when I try to do the same thing using the “manual picking” job.



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Hi @mu621 ,

Apologies for the delayed response. We’ve since introduced many updates to the CryoSPARC interface and rebuilt all interactive jobs in v4. I recommend updating for a better experience: Latest Updates | CryoSPARC

- Suhail