Info on how project and job directory sizes are calculated

If you’re wondering how the sizes of your projects and job directories are calculated in cryoSPARC, see this section of the Data Management tutorial here:

Currently, for job sizes, the value seen in the job detail panel is calculated by walking through every file inside the directory ( including symlinks ) and accumulating all sizes reported by the system’s inode data. We keep track of all inode numbers and use the st_size value for each file.
For project sizes, we sum up all job directory sizes and report the total. In a future update, an explicit calculation of the project directory size will be used instead, in case users add extra folders to the project directory that cryoSPARC does not keep track of.
Users may find discrepancies in file sizes reported by the filesystem. Since the value calculated by cryoSPARC follows symlinks, use the -L argument with du to defreference symbolic links to get a similar value. Please note you will also get discrepancies based on how du calculates system block sizes.