Indicate exported results in UI (feature request, v4)


When I export a job, workspace or project, a status bar appears saying “exporting”, but then there is no subsequent indication that I can see in the webapp that (1) it has previously been exported and (2) where it has been exported to.

It would be useful if in the details tab, this information was shown upon export - something indicating that the job/workspace has been exported, and the path of the exported result (that the user can then copy to clipboard for quick navigation on the command line).


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Hey @olibclarke ,

Thanks for the suggestion!

To clarify, projects are automatically exported so you don’t need to perform any specific action. At any point you can just detach or archive a project and move it to a different location or instance. That directory is already listed in the sidebar details module. More info: Guide: Data Management in CryoSPARC (v4.0+) - CryoSPARC Guide

You can’t individually export workspaces as it becomes tricky with interlinked jobs.

For individual jobs, we can clarify when and where they are exported. We’ve made a note to track that and expose it in the sidebar when viewing jobs.

- Suhail