Incorrect throughput stats in Live?


Looking at the throughput stats in Live (CS 4.4) I can’t make the numbers make sense.

E.g check the attached image - it has been running for 27hrs, and we have collected 4137 exposures. This should give ~150 found per hour (4137/27=153.2). Instead, we have ~300 found/processed per hour. What am I missing or is this a bug?



Hi Oli,

From our use cases, I was under the impression that the values don’t reflect lifetime averages and are more akin to live rates over some kind of rolling window. EPU seems to report its exposures/hour figure in a similar fashion. I imagine this is so that the value more closely reflects temporal throughput.

Perhaps it would still be useful to find out more about how they’re calculated though.


Oh that could be it… in that case I would maybe lavel it as “Avg./h (current)” - and maybe have a value for “Avg./h (total)” also…?

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Hi @olibclarke , @leetleyang ,

Thanks for your feedback! The live session statistics use a rolling window of the last 20 exposures and their timestamps to calculate throughput. We’ve noted this down as something that can be improved on, possibly with the addition of stats involving total processing time.