Incorrect calculation of rejected particles in Curate Exposures (v4)


I think this is a minor bug in Curate Exposures.

If I provide curate exposures with a set of micrographs, and then a set of particles from a larger superset of micrographs, and complete the job without applying any criteria, it correctly outputs just the particles corresponding with the input mics under “particles_accepted”. However, “particles_rejected” is listed as zero, even though the number of accepted particles is substantially smaller than the input. I would think the particles not matching any mic should be listed as either rejected or uncategorized.


@olibclarke thanks for reporting this! We discussed internally and decided that we’ll add a clear warning in the event log if the total number of particles in the outputs is less than the amount provided in the inputs. We want to avoid adding these non-existent particles into the outputs as they haven’t really been ‘curated’ per se – the particle sets tool job can provide this complement set if necessary.


@olibclarke This has been implemented in v4.0.1

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