Inconsistency in Topaz Validate


Topaz Validate generates a bunch of Topaz Train jobs varying a specific parameter - e.g. expected particle number.

However, when I look at the individual Topaz Train jobs run by Cross Validate, they all have the same value set for this parameter in the GUI - even though when I look at the log it is clear that the actual Topaz command has been executed with the correct value. This is a little confusing.


Hey @olibclarke

Thanks for reporting. This is noted. FYI: we recommend using workflows instead of the cross validate job now.


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Thanks Valentin! Out of interest, why would you recommend workflows over topaz cross validate for this purpose? Cross validate can auto generate the jobs with parameters varying across a specified range, and then run a final topaz train job for the best set of params - with Workflows, wouldn’t I need to create a custom workflow for each different use case?

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Ah sorry about that – I was a little confused, you are totally right, you won’t be able to replicate the cross validation behaviour via a straightforward workflow. In any case, thanks for reporting. We’ve noted the discrepancy.