Importing whole cryosparc project

Is there an easy way to import a whole cryosparc project in a new instance of cryosparc. eg. i would like to give my collaborators overseas the whole folder. How do they open it in their own cryosparc instance?

i dont see a cryosparc project import button in the import section of the job builder. it would be nice to have.

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I really want this too. Particularly in a context where users of a facility may generate a project in Live on a shared computer, it will become essential to be able to export/import projects or workspaces in a convenient way.


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Hi @ehanssen, @olibclarke,

Importing/exporting of projects is coming out very soon. I will update this thread when it’s released with documentation on it’s behaviour and how to use it!


Is this feature available? If yes, how can it be done?

Hi @iswaryapj, please see Data Management in cryoSPARC for full details on importing/exporting projects. Briefly, cryoSPARC provides “continuous project export” so any project can be archived and later imported.

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