Importing particle selection from cryoDRGN back into cryoSPARC


How do you re-import a stack of particles, output from cryoSPARC, which were selected in cryoDRGN back into an existing cryoSPARC Project?

I created a .star file of the selection of particles in cryoDRGN and then ran an import particle stack job back into my existing cryoSPARC project.
I attempted to link to my imported micrographs to the import particle stack job, however when the job completes it does not contain the rlnCoordinates or the rlnMicrographName.

Thank you.

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We are adding a tool in cryoDRGN to facilitate re-importing particles from cryoDRGN->cryoSPARC.

See here for discussion: Support .cs file writing for export to cryoSPARC · Issue #150 · zhonge/cryodrgn · GitHub

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