Importing parameters for case study EMPIAR-10291

Dear all,
I am trying to process the data of EMPIAR-10291, corresponding to the Case Study: “Processing EMPIAR-10291 (300 Micrographs) to 3.4Å in 1 hour 25 minutes”. Does anybody know the importing parameters, especially the spherical aberration and total exposure dose, for this dataset?
Thank you.

Does the Methods section contain the information you require?

The data were collected using a JEM-3000SFF (JEOL) electron microscope at 300 kV equipped with a K2 summit direct electron detector camera (Gatan)…The dose rate was 10.5 e− per physical pixel per second, corresponding to 6.9 e− per Å2 at the specimen level. The exposure time was 6.0 s, resulting in an accumulated dose of 41.5 e− per Å2. Each image includes 20 fractioned frames for the superresolution mode and 30 frames for the electron counting mode, and the last few frames were removed to adjust the total dose to 35 e− per Å2.

IIRC, the JEOL 3000-SFF has a nominal Cs value of 1.6 mm.

Hi leetleyang,
Thanks for sending me the Methods of the dataset cellected. The Import Movie step was completed successfully, however, all 300 micrographs failed to be imported. The following parameters were tried in my test:

1.Raw pixel size (Å): 1.232
2.Accelerating voltage (kV): 300
3.Spherical abberation (mm): 1.6
4.Total exposure dose (e/Å^2): 41.5 (also tried 35)

Any parameters incorrect?

Import Movie? According to its annotation, EMPIAR-10291 contains motion-corrected micrographs, not multiframe movies. Perhaps try Import Micrographs instead.

According to the published manuscript, 35 is the correct value to use.

Hi leetleyang,
Import Micrographs works great! Thank you so much for the help.