Importing optics groups


is it possible to add optics groups meta data without having to import each group separately? It can get tedious when dealing with 50 groups.

Like possibly to import a text file or something denoting each mic/movie to a group #?

I believe this is not currently possible, but I had success running per-group ctf optimization on leginon data by customizing my particle names in the star file, adding something like “group_xx” in a standardized way that cryosparc could read with exposure group utilities & split w/ string slice. I used a combination of awk and mac’s text edit find & replace to get the optics group ID into the particle name.

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Hi @orangeboomerang, @user123,
Thanks @user123 for your advice - using exposure group utilities is the recommended way to denote which mic/movie goes into which exposure group.
Note that if you are importing particles, the import job will also carry over rlnOpticsGroup as the exposure group index.

Hi @apunjani and thanks for the tip. The rlnOpticsGroup did import from the particle star file. This is much more convenient than the method I used.

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