Importing motion corrected micrograph

Hi all,

I am trying to import motion-corrected micrographs, but is there a way to make a link between dose-weighted and non-dose-weighted micrographs? I want to use the non-DW micrographs for the CTF estimation, but dose-weighted micrographs for the extraction. Thank you in advance!

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Hi @eon,

There is a way to do this but it requires access to the original movies from which these micrographs were created:

  1. Import the original movies with an “Import Movies” job
  2. Create an “Import Micrographs” job for the DW micrographs and drag the imported_movies output group from the “Import Movies” job into the movies (exposure) slot
  3. Create an second “Import Micrographs” job for the non-DW micrographs and fill the movies (exposure) slot as before
  4. Run CTF estimation on both Imports

Specifying the movies ensures the internal unique IDs are the same for the two sets of imported micrographs; without this it will not be possible to extract the particles.

At the extraction step, use the “Extract from Micrographs” job and specify the dose-weighted, CTF-estimated micrographs as inputs.

Hope that helps!


Hi @nfrasser,
I’m trying to do the same as you suggested. I first imported movies and then tried to import micrographs (no_DW and DW separately), sourcing the imported movies. But I get this error:

[CPU: 180.8 MB]  Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "cryosparc2_master/cryosparc2_compute/", line 82, in
  File "cryosparc2_compute/jobs/imports/", line 487, in run_import_movies_or_micrographs
    assert qname in inv_index_source, "Could not find match for %s" % qname
AssertionError: Could not find match for r170-2-00001.mrc

(Example source movie filename: r170-2-00001.tiff)

Is there something I’m missing ?
Thanks in advance!

Solved with the help of this thread How to import particles from relion .
I had to input Length of movie/micrographs path suffix to cut

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