Importing micrographs after patch motion correction and ctf estimation from cryoSPARC to relion

Hi all,

I collected some data at a 30deg tilt and processed the data in cryoSPARC.
I’d like to try working on this data in relion 3.1 as well and wondered what would be the proper way to import the micrographs after I had already preformed patch motion correction and patch CTF estimation.


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Hi all,
I also have the same issue of importing patch motion correction‘s micrographs from cryosparc3.2 into Relion3.11
I selected the doseweighted.mrc as the input files,and than using gctf gctf estimation


But there occurred WARNING:skipping,since cannot get ctf values for *.mrc
Thanks !

Hi @sysujeff,

I have the same problem now. Did you solve it?

Thank you,

FYI you can run on the .cs files for micrographs (e.g. patch ctf job) and use the (superior) cryoSPARC ctf estimates instead of re-running CTFFIND or something via Relion.