Importing eer movies

Hi all,

While importing EER movies, I was wondering whether we can see the internal detector frame number in eer for grouping frames in cryoSPARC. (The tutorial says that the parameter determines how many fractions are in the resulting movie but relion 3.1 decides how many frames to group. So for the same fractionation in both programs, it would be really helpful if I can see the internal frame number of EER data.) Is there any option to see raw info of eer movies?

Hi @Junsun,

Unfortunately there is no way to do so at the moment. I have recorded this as a feature request, and will let you know once we have a sense of when it will be implemented.


Hi @hsnyder,

Thank you for your consideration! I also have another question for eer moives and motion correction.
Is it possible to have motion corrected stacks in cryoSPARC like outstack option in motioncor2 especially with eer moives?

Hi @Junsun,

Unfortunately that is not currently possible. Just out of curiosity, what is the use case for this ?