Import Relion map to cryoSPARC

how can I import a relion processed map into cryoSPARC (for local resolution estimation, validation etc.)

Import 3D volumes:

Job: Import 3D Volumes - CryoSPARC Guide.

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I’m not sure you can run the local resolution job on 2 separately imported half maps (input says max 1, min 1 volume).

You probably can with low level results - just swap out two existing half maps in an existing volume blob with the imported half maps

Yes, this works. Import them separately (one as half A and the other as B), drag one volume to the input, then use the lower level option to input half B.
The job started to run, but then I got this error - “ValueError: zero-size array to reduction operation minimum which has no identity”

you have a half map in the mask slot?

Strange it defaults to that. I also ran it with the refine mask and got the same error but will run with J140 mask refine removed to see if that fixes it.

In the first run (with as mask_refine), it properly computed global fsc but failed at local resolution.
In the run without in mask_refine, it failed immediately without computing global fsc.

This is with unfiltered half maps (imported as halfA and halfB) generated by relion_reconstruct from a cryosparc refinement and the corresponding cryosparc refine mask (which all worked nicely in relion post-process).

The following input specification should allow the Local Resolution job to run: