Import Relion 3.1 merged dataset to cryosparc


After merging in relion I would prefer to continue with cryosparc. It seems I can’t import into cryosparc because of the differences between optic groups. Is there a way or a feature underdevelopment to import such information into cryosparc?


You should be able to delete the optics groups columns from the star file and get it to work. Alternatively you can upgrade your cryosparc to v2.13. I haven’t tested it myself but the release notes indicate that this issue is resolved.

Hi @Dominique, @Ablakely

This is correct. As of cryoSPARC v2.13, you can import Relion 3.1 generated .star files, but your data_optics table will not be imported.

At the moment, the data_optics table does not have a direct conversion to cryoSPARC’s high-order abberation correction values convention (specifically rlnEvenZernike and rlnOddZernike). Users will still retain their optics group number, as this value is stored in the default data_particles table.