Import of or files generated by relion 3.1 fails in cryosparc


I am trying to import motion-corrected ( or ctf estimated ( files generated from relion 3.1 into cryosparc v2.15. I see the following error. I want to do the subsequent steps of data processing cryosparc. Please help.
Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 3.54.37 PM

Hi @kaurg5, we don’t support micrographs in .star format, including CTF-estimated ones. I recommend you convert or use existing files in .mrc format, import those with the Import Micrographs job and run Patch CTF in cryoSPARC to re-do the CTF estimation.


Hi @nfrasser,
Thank you for your reply. I initially tried to import my raw files in .mrc format in cryoSPARC but I encountered the following error. thumbnail_image
The data were collected using Serial EM where mrc file stores 4 bit integers. So I tried to follow the thread (Importing mrc movies) and performed the initial steps of importing movies, motion correction and, CTF estimation outside cryoSPARC (in Relion v3.1). If I cannot import the or files in cryoSPARC and cannot use the raw files in cryoSPARC, can you please suggest to me how should I proceed further?


Ah I see the problem, 4 bit is something we’re working on supporting for an upcoming release of cryoSPARC. Let me see if I can find a workaround for you in the mean time.