Import movies with a wrong voltage value

Hi all,

I just found I inputted a wrong voltage value when importing movies. Is there any trouble with this?

Looking forward to your reply.

Well, yes there is because the dose effect curves are different for 200 KV and 300 KV electrons, and the accelerating voltage is necessary for accurate CTF estimation.

You can clear the job, change the HT and re-run.

Although I admit I’m curious exactly how big an impact it would have.

When you say, “wrong voltage value”… how wrong?

thanks very much for your reply.

The wrong value was 130 kV. But the afterwards jobs seemed not be affected too much.

Now I am trying to re-run.

Out of curiosity, I quickly hammered through a small dataset with the HT deliberately set to 200KV rather than the correct 300KV. The first thing which screams something is wrong are the CTF fits (which should extend to much higher resolution):

But there are multiple possible causes for this (incorrect Cs is another)…

Picking and 2D classification work fine:

But reconstructions are poor:

Unless you turn on Cs refinement:

Although at the end, the obtained resolution is essentially the same as using the correct parameters in the first place:

That said, the FSC curve is not as smooth as using the correct parameters to begin with.

It’s definitely better to redo, get the settings right and avoid potential future headaches.

Best wishes.

Cool analysis. Wu Lander Herzik did systematic evaluation via relion