Import Micrographs

Dear Collegues,

I feel like I’ve done this many times without any issue. I’m having trouble importing micrographs and end up getting the error message attached. There are over 3000 images, so the input path ending is: *.mrc

Can anyone define the source of this error message?

Can you please check that the user running cryoSPARC has permissions to read this file? See e.g.: [Errno 13] Permission denied

Hi Spunjni,

I found the solution. Apparently, there was some issue with the “cp -a” command I used to copy the data over to the cryosparc folder. However, just applied the command “chmod -R 777 train_cryosparc/” to the folder I had copied over and that allowed me to import.

So, just for future reference in this forum, if anyone has this issue with permissions to read the file, use command “ chmod -R 777 [NAME_OF_YOUR_FOLDER]/

@CBEN glad to hear it’s resolved!