Import Coordinate .box files

Would anyone have any suggestions to import .box coordinate files? I would alike to use an alternative particle picker.



Hi Kellie,

Maybe there is a more straightforward way but this is how I managed to import particles picked with the old autopicker in Eman2 (I like it for NS screening). I picked the particles in EMAN2 and save the coordinates as .box file per frame. I import the micrographs and the .box coordinates in relion and do an extract job. I import the micrographs in CS2 and ctf correct them and in a separate job import the file from the relion extract job (meta path), leaving out the data path. Then I do an extract job using the imported particles and ctf corrected frames.

Hope this helps,


Thank you @PVK for the response! Would you also happen to know how to get local motion to work on the imported files?