Import aligned, summed micrographs from a home directory

Hi all,

We’re using v2.12.4 and are having issues importing aligned, summed mrc files from a home directory into cryosparc.

Files are located in:

However, when attempting to import the movies into a cryoSparc project, the gui defaults to $HOME. Navigating one directory back (using the back button) puts us into / on the filesystem. There is a /home but this leads back into the /home/cryosparcuser and not into the /home directory as desired. Attempting to explicitly type /home/user/projectname/aligned_noDW/*.mrc into the gui presents a “AssertionError: No files match!” error. We’ve tried a few different options to circumvent this issue to no avail. Any tips would be appreciated.

Hi @mherzik,

Can you try the path without the *.mrc? Can you also ensure these files/folders have the correct permissions set?