Ignore CTF in 2D classification requires particles.ctf

Particle CTF outputs are required to run 2DCA even if “Do CTF correction” is turned off. Seems like particles should be able to be imported with a constant CTF, and/or if CTF correction is off the missing info shouldn’t block the job.

I think I can create a dummy micrograph, import it with a constant CTF, reassociate the no-CTF particles to that mic, and then re-extract CTF values, in order to get constant CTF particles, but that’s very hacky.

Hey @DanielAsarnow, thank you for reporting this! I think both your suggestions make sense - importing particles with a constant CTF, and making the CTF field optional for 2D class if CTF correction is turned off. We’ll release these changes in a future update.


It turns out the workaround I described above doesn’t work, either.

The patch extract fails with:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for mentioning this, it was indeed a (second) bug. It will also be fixed in a future release.