If only one session exists in cryoSPARC Live Session, automatically use that session for export

When I use cryoSPARC live, I have one session per project. Therefore, when exporting particles and exposures from csparc live to “normal” csparc, I always forget to type “S1” into the export jobs, which fail. It’s easy enough for me to deal with but seems similarly easy to mitigate.

If you are just looking to have the live session and the session ID connected in the export from live job - have you tried creating export jobs directly from the live session GUI? This way, the live “input” and the session UID are automatically populated in the new export job created in the “normal” csparc workspace.

I understand what you are suggesting though. If there’s only one live session per project, it seems easy to just have “S1” in the Session UID field.


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Ah, that’s helpful! I hadn’t noticed those buttons. My bad!