I have a mistake about local motion correction


I have a question about local motion correction. I was collecting micrographs that have ‘No of fractions = 60, total dose = 60’ a few months ago.
But stupidly, I made a very fatal mistake. I thought that micrographs ‘No of fractions = 50, total dose =60’.
‘No of fractions’ input is not necessary in most steps of CryoSparc. But in local motion correction, you know that ‘Override the dose rate that was given at import time’ is total dose / No of fractions. I thought that was ‘1.2 = 60/50’ although ‘1.0 = 60/60’ is correct.
I already have good resolution structures which went through the wrong input in local motion correction. Should I re-process it that correct ‘1.2’ to ‘1.0’; ‘Override the dose rate that was given at import time’ of local motion correction ??

It would be happy if you post a answer.
Thank you guys!!

Correct dose parameters affect dose fractionation, which downweights the high frequencies that have been corrupted by radiation damage in the later frames. It is important to get the highest possible resolution, basically by ignoring the wrong fine detail coming from irradiated sample. The low resolution information will basically be kept either way, so it’s also not surprising the refinement process worked to this point. (The noise from radiation damage becomes a B-factor, it can still be overcome by averaging).

You should re-run whatever motion correction steps using the correct dose parameters, but you can keep using these same particles after re-extracting or re-running local motion. If you repeat the refinement after that you may gain some resolution.

Thank you for your post.
I will do what you said.