I deleted some .mrc from the extract folder by mistake


I deleted some .mrc files by mistake from the extract folder of an extraction job.
I run the command “rm -r extract” and quickly realised that I’d be deleting what I didn’t want to. So I stopped the command and right now I have 5964 files instead of 7859. Is there any way to recover the lost .mrc files? I still have the 2D class job that I run after this extraction job and of course the micrographs and autopicking folders which are the input of this extract job.

Fortunately, I could re-run the extraction job and re-run the refinements. I’d just like to save time.


It’s not the most efficient method, but hitting “Clear Job”, then, “Queue Job on default” will re-run it without breaking the job links (but it will delete all of the extracted particles and re-extract them…)

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Thank you. It has worked.