How to recover manual picking job?


We are using cryosparc v3.3.2 and have accidentally deleted a finished manual picking job in which 100 images were picked. Is there a way to recover it so that we don’t have to redo the picking?


Do any of the job folders and their contents still exist? Otherwise I don’t think so.

If they do you should be able to them.

Are there snapshots for the filesystem that holds your project directory?

I can still see the J1662 folder but I don’t see any content inside the gridfs_data folder. Here is what is inside of J1662 folder. Are the picks supposed to be temporarily stored in the gridfs_data folder?

xx@xxx:/cryosparc/P55/J1662$ ls
events.bson gridfs_data job.json

Then they’re already deleted, unfortunately. There would have been a .cs file in the job directory.