How to monitor jobs from the command line?

Is it possible to monitor cryosparc jobs/logfiles from the command line? Or alternatively, is it possible to configure cryosparc such that one can access the job via some sort of web interface without having to SSH into the machine that is running it?

Running a browser via SSH gets pretty laggy, so if there is a way around that at least for monitoring purposes I think it would be useful.


Never mind, this was a silly question - I can access over the network most of the time - would still like to have a way to set up access from outside the network though

If you can SSH to the machine (or another machine on the same network), you can use SSH port forwarding to access cryoSPARC using a locally running browser. If you’re not sure how to do that, google around and you’ll find some tutorials on SSH port forwarding.

Hi Marcus, I can’t SSH to the machine directly, but I can SSH to a gateway server from where I can access it - so I guess there is a way to use port forwarding to have it running in a local browser then, thanks for the tip!


Hi Oliver,

I often use the cryoSPARC web interface from home over a multi-hop ssh connection via tunnelling - I actually just wrote a blog post about it here because I thought it would be useful for others to see:

Hope this helps!

Oh that’s great - thanks Ali!


On my system (locally a Mac), the given ssh config didn’t work, but the following did (cobbled together from stackexchange etc):

Host *
ServerAliveCountMax 4
ServerAliveInterval 15

Host gpu_workstation
Hostname remote_host
User username
ProxyCommand ssh -q ssh_username@ssh_server -W %h:%p

where remote_host is the IP of the remote host; username is the username on the remote server; and ssh_server should be the IP of the gateway server.


Thanks - I’ve update the blog post.


Great blog post. The ssh command (something like ssh -fN -L 38000:localhost:38000 local_name_for_remote_host probably) to actually open the tunnel doesn’t seem to appear online:

I don’t see it in the html source either… Could you take a look perhaps?

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@apunjani or @spunjani ,

An update of this blog post with the tunneling commands filled back in would be very helpful. Thanks for the help with this.

Hi @eburling, sorry about this, there was a formatting error on our end. Please see the updated post here.

@spunjani, no worries! Thanks for the quick follow up.