How to join particles from two data sets at different pixel size?

I have two data sets from two different microscopes, both are Krios, but collected at different pixel size, 0.83 and 1.08 but extracted at same box size. I have refined and re-extracted particles from both the data sets and want to combine. Simply dragging particles from both data sets as input to the next job is not working because of different pixel sizes. I wonder if “Particle set tool” somehow can combine these particles, if yes then how?

Thank you
Shanti Pal

Hi Shanti - see discussion here, I think this is still difficult to do in cryosparc: Merging two data sets with different pixel size

You might try taking extracting both in the same box size (in Å), and then resampling one stack so both are the same box size (in pixels). Unless this results in identical pixel sizes though, I suspect it might still give an error. Prob better handled in relion for now.