How to import particls from failed job

hello everyone, recently I encountered with a problem that I can not find out how to import particles from failed job. my hetero refinement failed because of out of memory in iteration 185(It actually because other software took GPU at same time). the volume resolution is OK so I want to directly use it for further refinement. the volume is easy to be imported into workspace using job “import 3D volume”. But I can not figure out how to import particles. I’ve tried to export particles to .csg format and import again, obviously ctf and blob information was missed. Also I attempted to transfer .cs into star but I did not have passthrough.particles.cs file so failed again. what’s more, I cannot download ctf and blob and other output file maybe the uncorrected stop. the most tricky part is that I can not repeat my volume by doing hetero refinement again. I cloned the job and started again, while it gave me totally different classification ! Is there anyone can give me some suggestion to solve this problem? I would appreciate a lot.

Hi Chensijia, can you try the “mark job as complete” button right above the “delete job” button on the right? Usually you can use the outputs like a normal job after this.

This will only work if hetero refine has seen the complete dataset (usually in the final complete iterations). If it died earlier, I think marking as complete will only allow re-use of the subset of particles that have been seen during classification

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It works! Thank you so much. I have never thought it could be so easy, you are amazing!

Glad it worked. I had the same reaction when I learned about it for the first time.

thank you for your reply, it works! thank you so much