How to correctly delete a live session?

Hey, i have a quick question on how to delete a live session correctly, since i found no option for that matter in the live interface. Can i just delete the workspace in the normal cryosparc interface? Will the session then also disappear from the live interface? I heard deleting just the SX folder on the disk will not let the session disappear in the live interface.

If i was not just blind, could you maybe add an option to delete from the live interface?


Check session actions in this link.

But there i can only delete the data but not the actual session? How do i actually delete the session so it doesn’t show up under browse sessions anymore?

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@KiSchnelle Deleting the corresponding workspace in the regular cryoSPARC interface is the recommended way to delete an unwanted, inactive Live session. This operation should remove the session from the Live interface and also delete session-related data from the filesystem.

Seems to work. Thanks a lot!

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