How much GPU Memory 3D Flex refinement would need in 500 or 700 box

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I’m currently in search for the optimal hardware setup for calculations using CryoSPARC. In the documentation there are some benchmarks for the homogeneous and local refinements: e.g. for 1200 box - 24GB of VRAM, but how much VRAM would be needed to run smoothly heterogeneous refinement or 3D Flex job of similar box size? How can be that optimized in order to be able to still run these jobs with less VRAM?

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3D flex depends on number of particles. Currently, you need available RAM approximately double the size of the particle stack.

Heterogeneous refinement can be adjusted a little more easily as you can get it to resample the boxes on the fly, so if you run out of memory, clear the job and restart with a lower target resolution (“Refinement box size (Voxels)”).

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