How is manually curate exposures actually working?


I am very convinced that manually curate exposures will have a great impact on data processing. I simply dont really get how it is supposed to used. I tried several things but I cant really select multiple micrographs and the selection never shows any selected micrographs.

What I think how it should work but doesnt work is that I can select thresholds for every of the values on the right sight select them then and can mark them as good or bad the selected micrographs. But somehow I dont get this going.

Additionally it closes quite often out of no where.

Can someone help? Did I overlook a button?



Hi @david.haselbach, we recently wrote a detailed tutorial for manually curate exposures and released some fixes in v2.2 to improve the stability of this job. Hopefully this helps!

it would be great if this tool could show a tile view of the micrographs (thumbnails sort of) where one can then select which micrographs to discard. It is a bit slow and inelegant the way it is currently set up.