How does one set custom parameters?

How does one set custom parameters when that option is available in Live? I select “Set Custom Parameters”, go to the regular cryoSPARC project, and the new job is present. However, I don’t know how to open the Job Builder for that job to change settings.

Any insights will be appreciated.

Hi @mpurdy,

In the regular cryoSPARC application, when you navigate to the project in which you created the session, the workspace card will denote which session it represents: image

Within that workspace there should be a 2D classification, ab-initio or streaming refinement job that is in ‘building’ status - the job ID corresponds with what is shown in cryoSPARC Live:

Can you confirm this is the case?


Suhail, the appropriate job with status=building does appear the regular cryoSPARC workspace, however, Custom Parameters never finishes loading the builder window in Live.

Hi @mpurdy,

Thanks for attaching the screenshot - it suggests something isn’t correct with the session. I’ll send you a private message via the forum so we can debug this further.