How can I remove the partciles using ctf refines's message

Hi all,

I have get a Defocus change’s plots like blew.I want to remove the Defocus change too much’s particles ,How can I do that.Is there any suggestions?looking forward your advices.Thanks very much.

Hi Wonderful, I am not quite sure what you are asking here, but you can limit the defocus search with “Defocus search range A+/-” in the “defocus refinement” section of homogeneous refinement. If you are asking how to remove the outliers at the tails here, I do not know.

@wonderful you can open your particle .cs files in a Jupyter notebook using np.load (or converted .star files using pyem) and threshold them how you like. If you don’t already know Python you can look up some basic Jupyter/numpy tutorials to get started.

Hi @DanielAsarnow ,

Thanks very much for your reply.I am new to using numpy.And I have some basic numpy knowledge.And I will use basic numpy to deal with the .cs files. Could you give me some advice about my ideal blew? Thanks very much.

1.I will using numpy to open the two .cs files to get the defocus array.
2.get the change between they >1000 to get a Boolean array.
3.uses the Boolean array to get other columns subset.
4.using np.savez to merge the columns.

Is this right or there is other better functions I can using.Looking forward for your reply.Thanks very much.