Hide or collapse jobs (Feature request)


I really like being able to “star” jobs, and then just show the starred jobs. This is useful for highlighting just the final refinements etc.

The flipside would also be very handy - being able to mark jobs as hidden, and then having a button to show hidden jobs. This would allow one to hide jobs that I don’t necessarily want to delete, but which represent unproductive avenues of exploration during data processing.

I would envision that whereas starred jobs are shown by default, and showing starred jobs shows only starred jobs, hidden jobs would be hidden by default, and showing hidden jobs would show hidden jobs as well as the rest. Obviously, a job could be either starred or hidden, not both.

This would I think greatly facilitate organizing workspaces (in addition to stars and tagging).


That would be very useful, agreed!

Hi @olibclarke ,

As of v4.3 (August 9, 2023), you can use part of the data cleanup tools for this purpose. Any jobs that seem of interest can be marked as final (shortcut: ‘f’ key when a job is selected). You can use filters to only see final jobs or any jobs that are ancestors of final jobs (or both). For example:

- Suhail

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I’d like to re-open this if I may with a slightly modification of the request… the star/final function is helpful; I have one processing path I tested out which has not been particularly successful, but I do not wish to delete right now and does not take enough storage to justify deleting on storage utilisation grounds.

However, it’s quite long and involved and cluttering up the job list. A “collapse job info” to just the job number and job type (rather than showing e.g.: colour plots for heterogeneous refinement, classes in 2D/selection) option (rather than outright hide) would provide a simple indication that it’s not of immediate interest without completely hiding it. Would this be possible to add in the future?

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Hi @rbs_sci ,

Thanks for the suggestion - we’ve made a note of it and will keep it in mind when working on additional improvements to the browse system.

- Suhail


Hi Suhail,

Another vote for still having an option to hide or collapse jobs at some point! Consider the following scenario:

  1. I have a large workspace, full of thousands of jobs, some of which are final, some of which are not.
  2. I want to start a new processing branch from one of the jobs midway through the “final” processing pathway - either cloning it, or making a job with inputs from it.
  3. So, I filter the job to only show final, select the job, and either clone or use quick actions to create a new job. No job appears!
  4. Of course no job appears - it doesn’t inherit the “final” or “starred status” of the preceding job, which means it is now only visible in the unfiltered view, and separated by 100s of jobs from the parent (from which I would like to drag inputs). I can mark it as final so I can see it at the same time, but this seems wrong/messy, when I don’t yet know if it will be part of the final processing workflow.

If jobs (or tags, or branches) could be hidden or collapsed, this would allow one to clean up the interface without affecting the visibility or interactivity of new jobs.