Heterogeneous refinement stops at a fixed resolution

I am having a problem with performing heterogenous refinement.
The first iteration is ok (17.3 A and 17.9 A estimated resolution respectively) but after the second iteration (8.92 A and 8.92 A estimated resolution) it doesnt increase the resolution and moreover the FSC curve graph stops at around 9 (see attahec image). I am using the same particles and ab-initio model that works very well for homogeneous refinement reaching 3.8 A so I am puzzled.

first iteration:

second iteration:

last iteration:

I am wondering if anyone else had the same problem?
thanks in advance for any feedback

Hi @bruch - by default hetero refinement is performed in a box size of 128 pixels, which in your case means Nyquist is ~9 Å (I guess you have a 512px original box or thereabouts?). If you want to go to higher res in hetero refinement, just increase the box size (at the expense of increased computational costs).


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Thanks, indeed it worked very well