Heterogeneous local refinement?

Hi all,

is there a way of doing a local heterogeneous refinement. As far as I see I can’t ask for several output maps in the local refinement but I also can’t add a mask to the heterogeneous refinement. Is there some workaround.



No, unfortunately not as yet

signal subtraction tho, right?

@CryoEM1 you can’t use a mask in Het. Refine, so the subtraction needs to be perfect for that to work.

well I guess I guess this is then rather a feature request :slight_smile:

Feature request recorded :slight_smile:
We are currently reworking local refinement jobs and will extend to allow heterogeneity.


would still love to see this - and with an arbitrarily small search range this should approximate classification without alignment, which is very powerful for separating out local heterogeneity