Helix -- symmetry search utility usage

Dear colleagues,

Could you please share your experience in using the symmetry search tool?

What are the correct steps for using it?
What are the other helpful tools for checking the symmetry of the helix?

Case example,

On to op the CS, we are using Helixplorer.
The good parameters for one of our helixes are Twist 18.723 deg Rise 7.006 A.

In the CS for the Symmetry search utility I used the following parameters:

Twist - 1,180 deg
Rise - 1,90 A

The results look as follows

As you can see - non of the obtained results resemble the parameters we found previously.

So I would like to know

  1. Is the first broad search range I am using for finding helical parameters fine, and is it general practice?
  2. how to use the CS Symmetry search utility correctly and get the right results in the first place?
  3. Does everyone just try all the 19 options one by one?

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Kind regards,