Helical export and helical tube ID is a very long string


noticed that when I export my helical particles all of the helical tube IDs were pretty strange. They are 20 # long string that is seemingly random (green box in image). It makes any downstream processing a bit challenging.

I had imported micrographs into CS for processing. I also noticed that the micrographs all have a 20 # string appended to the front of them (yellow box in image). This isn’t a huge deal just seemed weird.

Are these both intentional or are they bugs? I guess this is an issue for csparc2star. I feel bad for poor Daniel Asarnow who has to keep updating his script. Structura should definitely consider (I know, I am a broken record) implementing an export tool to avoid these kind of hassles.


@orangeboomerang A recent commit on https://github.com/asarnow/pyem should address your use case. Please let us know if you find otherwise.