Helical during cryoSPARC live?


I am using CS 4.4. Is it possible to do helical refinement during a live session?

Alternatively, can I somehow pipe out the selected particles into a helical job (in regular cryosparc)? The problem is that it’s streaming so my helical job queues until the stream ends. Alternatively I could kill the 3D job and mark as completed, but then that would end my streaming session. I’d just like to test to see what my particles look like in helical processing.



Not currently possible. :frowning:

Workaround is wait for 100-200 mics, export exposures and filament pick in normal UI, then repeat every so often. I did test feeding Live the 2D classes from a filament pick run, but I don’t think it carried over parameters for filament assignment (because it doesn’t use the filament picker). But it at least allows tracking micrograph quality during acquisition…

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Hi all,

Just chiming in that we are aware of this request, to bring full helical support to Live. In the meantime, the current workflow of running all preprocessing in Live (Motion correction, CTF estimation, and exposure curation) followed by exposure export into regular CryoSPARC (then filament picking, 2D classification, etc.) is how we’ve rapidly processed filament datasets to date.