GUI bug after downloading outputs


There appears to be a bug specifically when using Firefox (across macOS/Windows 10 (v105.0.2) and SL7 (v102.3.0esr)).

In the job panel, downloading of outputs from the “output groups” mini-panel triggers an odd navigation event to a loading page before the returning to the original view (perhaps Firefox attempting to open the file internally before deciding to download it?).

Subsequently, closing the job panel does not return the user to the project view. Instead, the GUI is stuck showing the loading squares. One has to navigate out of the project/workspace and back in again to continue.

This does not seem to happen when downloading from within the “Outputs” panel or when using Safari (macOS).

Is this reproducible on test systems or is it to do with our specific configurations?


Hi @leetleyang,

We have been able to reproduce this behaviour on Firefox and have created a fix that will be available in the next CryoSPARC release.

- Kelly