GPUs available display bug?

the GPUs available in the job snippet always appear as 0, even when GPUs are present and utilized.
notice the ‘4/0’

another example with ‘1/0’ on the same 4-gpu setup.

Hi @August,

Would you mind checking the GPUs available on the target by opening the “Manage” dialog and going to the “Instance” tab? You can find the target card inside of the relevant lane card. There is a blue info bar on this card that shows the target’s cores, memory, and GPUs. If this is also 0, then we would suspect that the total has not been updated correctly.


This could occur if you have added GPUs to the target without refreshing the stats, as they are not refreshed automatically. If this is the case you can run the cryosparcm cli "get_gpu_info()" (reference) command to update the GPU info.

- Kelly