GPU - A2 or A2000


Does anyone have any experience with using either the A2 or A2000 for cryoSPARC? We are sourcing a new GPU box, and our supplier has suggested these GPUs due to availability and other issues. Especially the A2, which is single slot and ‘passive’, meaning we could load up to 16 GPUs into the chassis. Does anyone have have any experience or thoughts?



Just to report back to my own post. We ended up speccing a system with 16 A4000 GPUs, 2 EPYC 7352, 1 TB RAM and 16 TB NVME for cache. I will give an update once we have a chance to test it in a multi user environment.


My only issue with our A4000’s is that when they’re crammed in back-to-back, they get mighty toasty when all fully loaded, and so far I’ve been unable to convince the fans to go over 75%.

With 16 in a single box, would be very interested in your experiences.


Reporting back on our A4000 build. I’ve loaded it up with multiple large refinement jobs, and although the GPUs get warm, I don’t see any throttling occurring across the 16. As you said @rbs_sci , fans have not gone above ~70% but this does not seem to be an issue as temps are stable and GPUs are running at full speed.

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Thanks! I’ll have to look at the intake fans in that system I suspect.

FYI - We use a Nitro G29A Barebone Server-G292-Z43 chassis.