Global CTF refinement with many beam tilt parameters


When performing global CTF refinement (either standalone or in Refinement (New)) with many exposure groups (for example image shift groups, or temporal segments), it would be very helpful for analysis purposes if cryosparc generated a csv file with the final refined parameters for each group - e.g. Cs, beam tilt x/y, number of particles, etc.

Currently they are written to the log, but in a format that makes extracting them pretty tedious. Often if for example one is separating the dataset into image shift groups, it is useful to plot the refined beam tilt values to check that they display the expected pattern.


Hi @olibclarke, thanks for this great suggestion, we will try to implement the ability to download these not only for this job but others as well!

@olibclarke @spunjani Hi ! I think I’ve asked this already, but I probably did not get to a final conclusion. When collecting with beam shifts for fast acquisition, EPU creates a folder with all the xml files with information regarding how much shift a movie has, etc. Wouldn’t it make sense to import these files together with the movies, in the IMPORT job at the beginning of the processing pipeline ? Is this already possible ? Sorry if I have missed this !

Many thanks

Hi @marino-j,
At the moment we do not import or use data from .xml files, but this is on the roadmap both for cryoSPARC and cryoSPARC Live. If you have any suggestions for how you would like to see these used for in further processing, please let us know. Thanks!