Function to merge cs files


Is there a cryosparc compute function to merge the different fields of two .cs files into a single .cs file. This would allow for more simple dataset manipulations.

For example after 3D refinement some of the info is in the cryosparc_Px_Jy_z_particles.cs file and some in the Px_Jy_passthrough_particles.cs file. The .csg file then directs cryosparc to which fields can be found in which file. We would like to merge all fields into a single .cs file. So some sort of append, merge or concatenate function?


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This can be done using a python module that comes with cryoSPARC. For a more general introduction, please refer to this tutorial.

A member of our team suggested the following example command sequence applicable to your use case.

Open an icli shell:

cryosparcm icli

Import, load and join datasets

from cryosparc_compute.dataset import Dataset
dset1 = Dataset().from_file('/path/to/dset1.cs')
dset2 = Dataset().from_file('/path/to/dset2.cs')
final_dset = dset1.innerjoin(dset2)

@wtempel looks like what we were looking for. Thanks.