Full frame motion correction job fails with error "cannot reshape array"

I am trying to run full-frame motion correction but it fails after around 500 micrographs with the error as shown in the attached image. In one of the discussions posts, i saw that this could be due to corrupt micrographs, however, patch motion correction works without any error on the same set of micrographs. Please advise me on how to proceed.

Hi @Adwaith99,

Patch motion skips corrupt movies, which is why you may have experienced this error on local motion but not on patch motion. Patch motion also does output rigid motion trajectories, so if you need rigid motion trajectories only, you can still get them from the output of patch motion. In general, we recommend using patch motion in all circumstances, unless there is a very specific reason not to, or it fails on a given dataset (which we would definitely be interested to hear about).

Hope that helps!

Yeah, thanks for your reply.